Books to Read

MrBrownstonesRenassaince“Mr. Brownstone’s Renaissance”
Mr. Brownstone, a recently retired accountant, keeps to himself and believes his best days are behind him. Although he never set out to be a lifetime bachelor, he accepted it as his fate. His constant companion, Maverick, is a feisty feline whose antics add sustenance to his otherwise mundane existence. However, unexpected changes are barreling toward him and the catalyst is Charlene, a new, highly spirited neighbor. Suddenly, his life becomes a perfect storm of intrigue, mystery and romance—the combination of which re-awakens him in ways he never thought possible.   Click here to purchase.

6x9_TSOAT-front-ecover-032918“The Sound of a Train”
Martin runs a thriving advertising agency in Philadelphia. Happily divorced at thirty-nine, his near-perfect life screeches to a halt when a horrific train accident claims the lives of his parents and uncovers a secret that will change his life. Betrayal escalates when an unlikely source is exposed for embezzlement, whereupon Martin must decide how far he is willing to go to retrieve the stolen money. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Samantha, a successful attorney on the outside, manages her insecurities and dysfunctional family by seeking out capricious liaisons with married men. With nearly three thousand miles between them, fate thrusts Martin and Sam together and despite their age difference, an intense connection develops. When they are both pulled to Australia in search of the truth about a lost illegitimate child, estranged parents, and a relationship that borders the taboo, their future happiness may depend on having the courage to face the past. And once more, fate brings a train that changes everything.    Click here to purchase.


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